• 1080 tons of galvanized tiles arrived in Chile
    Post time: 08-10-2022

    Good news! Last month, an old customer in Chile placed an order for me of 1080 tons of aluminized zinc tile, which has arrived at the steel recently. The customer expressed that he is very satisfied with our service! Specifications: 0.35*851*3660 Our company’s mission is to serve our custom...Read more »

  • 180 tons of galvanized steel coil, sent to Chile
    Post time: 06-17-2022

    This week, a Chilean customer placed an order for 180 tons of galvanized steel coils for luedingsteel. Specifications are: 0.33*940 This customer is our new customer. He left a message on the official website of luedingsteel. Our business manager answers the customer’s questions. After the ...Read more »

  • 28 tons of galvanized sheet tiles, shipped to Djibouti.
    Post time: 05-06-2022

    28 tons of galvanized sheet, shipped to Djibouti. Recently, we received a message from a customer who wanted to order a batch of galvanized sheet, size: 0.36*900/800*2440 We communicated very well and placed an order for us. After Labor Day on May 1st, the factory told us that the goods were read...Read more »

  • 200 tons of color-coated steel coil/PPGI, sent to Mauritius.
    Post time: 04-19-2022

    On April 19, we received an order from a customer who said he had watched the live broadcast of our 131st Canton Fair. Through our professional product explanation, he understands us and trusts us. Click on our official website to place an order inquiry + place an order for us. This order is 200 ...Read more »

  • 200 tons of galvalume steel coil, shipped to Chile
    Post time: 03-21-2022

    On March 21st, a long-term cooperative customer ordered us a batch of 200 tons of galvalume steel coils, specification: 0.35*940 This customer told us “I like your products very much”, which is what we most want to hear. Thank you for the customer’s trust and support, which is a...Read more »

  • 500 tons of galvanized steel coil, sent to Nigeria
    Post time: 03-09-2022

    On March 9, a batch of 500 tons of galvanized steel coils arrived at Tianjin Port and will be sent to Nigeria The specification is: 0.115*750, new customers contact us through our website, they are very satisfied with our service and reach a cooperation! Our aim is that credit is the most basic a...Read more »

  • 810 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet to Ethiopia
    Post time: 02-22-2022

    (2) On February 22th, 810 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet will be shipped to Tianjin Port, and this batch of products will be shipped to Ethiopia. The product specification is 0.17*1000/900*2000mm. This customer is our old friend, and we have cooperated with them for many years. If you are ...Read more »

  • 56 tons of Color Coated Corrugated Sheet arrived in Djibouti
    Post time: 02-22-2022

    A customer from Djibouti sent us a message saying that he was very satisfied with our products. The customer placed orders with our company many times. This time ,he ordered 56 tons of Color Coated Corrugated Sheet. Our company has a variety of products, mainly including PPGI, Galvanized steel c...Read more »

  • 216 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet to Congo
    Post time: 02-21-2022

    216 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet have arrived at Tianjin Port, workers are arranging loading, this batch of goods will be shipped to Congo .Soon after, the goods will reach the customer’s hands,。 we will always pay attention to the transportation of this batch of goods, Notify cust...Read more »

  • 1080 tons of galvalume Corrugated sheet to Chile
    Post time: 02-21-2022

    Customers in Chile have ordered 1080 tons of galvalume corrugated sheet from us, and shipped in multiple batches. The first batch of goods has been produced and will be sent to Tianjin Port. The following is the picture sent by the factory, available for reference. Lueding Steel is always custom...Read more »

  • 55 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet to Somalia
    Post time: 02-17-2022

    The 55 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet has been shipped and is about to be shipped to the Somalia. The following is the picture sent from factory. Lueding Steel pays attention to all details, including product quality, packaging, transportation, etc. We will provide customized solutions to be...Read more »

  • 540 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet have successfully arrived in Nigeria
    Post time: 02-16-2022

    Good news, 540 tons of galvanized Corrugated sheet have successfully arrived in Nigeria, and the customer has already picked up the goods and expressed their satisfaction with our products. We are honored to have reached a long-term cooperation with this customer. Our company’s mission is ...Read more »